Micropractices: Mindfulness in Everyday Life

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Anyone exploring mindfulness meditation will find that there are so many different styles and approaches. This can be liberating or confusing, or both! Luckily, there is something for everybody. The most important is that we each find what is helpful for us. This might be a process of trial and error.

“Micropractices” is one way to refer to shorter mindfulness practices we can do anytime during the day. Some are practices that we can do anywhere, at any time, no matter what we are doing. This can include short practices that involve the senses. For example, noticing what sounds you hear, or naming 5 objects that you see.

Other micropractices can serve as a break from the day, a time to step back and reconnect with ourselves in the present moment. In these videos you will find two practices – the Sun Breath and Breathing with Finger Sliding. They are both great ways to connect breath with movement. Connecting our breathing with simple movement can be a nurturing way to do breathing practices. Sometimes when we are told to “just breath” it can actually bring on more agitation. Connecting to movement can be a completely new experience!

Approaching micropractices with curiousity and exploration, you may find that there are some practices that you find very useful. They become like good friends who help us sooth the nervous system. They can help us stay within our window of tolerance or to move back in to window of tolerance when we’ve been out.

At CCIH micropractices are offered in both the Integrative Practices for Healing Trauma groups and the iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation classes. We will also continue to offer new videos in this online magazine to support your healing journey.

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