March 19th: Vote to Bring Chicago Home

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On March 19th, Chicagoans will have the opportunity to vote on the Bring Chicago Home referendum. Bring Chicago Home will establish city funding to address homelessness and invest in affordable housing that can create longstanding solutions.

There are an estimated 68,440 unhoused people in Chicago. We understand that people who are experiencing homelessness have often lost a sense of home, community, stability and safety. Many people experiencing homelessness have had a history of traumatic events, and a lack of secure housing in and of itself is an overwhelming and traumatic experience. We strongly encourage you to vote on Ballot Question 1.

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Amy Zajakowski Uhll, LCPC

Amy Zajakowski Uhll is the founder and director of the Chicago Center for Integration and Healing. For more than 30 years, Amy has been committed to exploring the harm caused by traumatic experiences.… Read More