In-person vs Telehealth Therapy


In recent years, we’ve seen a significant shift towards telehealth therapy and online therapy platforms. Although we are grateful for the resource of virtual appointments, which can be a great option when clients and therapists are unable to meet together in person due to health or safety concerns, at CCIH we prioritize in person appointments whenever possible. 

Meeting together in person allows us to use more tools for working with the nervous system in the present moment and better supports the relational experience that we believe is crucial for the healing of complex trauma. It’s also our experience that the body-centered approaches we incorporate into our integrated approach are more effectively used in person. Simply sharing space allows our nervous systems to be in communication about the things that are sometimes too difficult to put into words.

For survivors of complex trauma, disconnection and isolation are part of the legacy of harm. We therefore believe that the treatment of trauma calls for more connection and community, not less. As CCIH Director Amy Zajakowski Uhll writes in her new series on our four essential concepts of trauma-informed treatment: “Relational wounds require a relational approach to healing.”

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Chloe Gremaud, LCSW

Chloe specializes in the treatment of complex trauma. She works with adults of all ages who are looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and build lives that are more peaceful, joyful,… Read More