Catherine Lewan

CCIH Community Blog Contributor

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CCIH Community Blog Contributor Dr. Catherine Lewan, PT, DPT, C-IAYT, E-RYT-200, has more than 20 years experience integrating mind-body practices into her work as a physical therapist, yoga therapist, and instructor of yoga, pilates and iRest meditation. Her Continuing Education Courses offer trauma-sensitive, practical and experiential applications of evidence-informed techniques to support embodied healing. She enjoys creating individualized programs to meet patients’ needs at Chicago Physical Therapists in Ravenswood.

  • How Does Trauma Contribute to Physical Pain?

    Twenty years ago, a physical therapist considering the effects of trauma would likely point out the ways that physical trauma could potentially increase mechanical wear and tear. But we now know that the physiological effects of trauma are pervasive and that trauma doesn’t have to be physical in nature to have a profound impact on…