Alyssa Arnol

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Alyssa Arnol provides psychotherapy to individuals and couples in Chicago. She specializes in providing trauma informed care to young adults and adults navigating life transitions such as those experiencing postpartum and parenthood, emerging adulthood, relationship issues, as well as the inner experience of perfectionism, codependency, shame and the inner critic. Alyssa integrates a psychodynamic and relational modality with a trauma informed, body centered approach to the work. She is passionate about the value of therapy and working collaboratively with people to develop deep understandings of who they are and how to best show up for themselves and their unique needs.

Articles written by Alyssa Arnol

  • Coming Back Into Connection

    Coming Back Into Connection

    As a trauma therapist, I utilize a body-centered approach with my clients. This means, understanding and respecting the impact of trauma on the body and our physiological states and how our bodies are integral in the process of healing. Trauma can leave us disconnected from ourselves and our bodies as a way to keep us…

  • How Our Inner Critic Acts Up In Times of Stress

    How Our Inner Critic Acts Up In Times of Stress

    As a therapist to clients during an unprecedented time, a worldwide pandemic, a modern civil rights movement, an intensely divided political climate, I have a unique privilege to witness and be with individuals as they process and endure through these times. It’s led me to notice a thematic trend amongst my clients, and myself. A…