Sonia Bajaj

Sonia is a budding clinical counselor with an interest in treating complex trauma and dissociation, particularly as it pertains to child and adolescent populations. She believes strongly in the power of metaphor and values expressive approaches to therapy, including art, play, and dance. Sonia is a dancer, herself, and enjoys performing Bollywood and Flamenco in her spare time. Her YouTube channel can be found here:

  • Notes From a New Clinician

    Notes From a New Clinician

    As a new clinician interested in working with survivors of complex trauma and dissociation, insight from experienced practitioners is invaluable to me. Recently, I connected with Amy Zajakowki Uhll, LCPC, a psychodynamically trained therapist with over 25 years of experience, to learn more about her work in the field, current treatment approaches, and her thoughts…