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Carol McRaith was a member of the CCIH community since the very beginning–from before we even existed as an office.  I remember well our first conversation when she agreed to embark on this journey with me. Neither of us knew what would evolve but she entered wholeheartedly.  She participated in all of our early decision making. I feel her presence daily and the many ways she influenced how we evolved as a community. Carol believed deeply in the healing power of beauty; everywhere I look in our offices, I see her touch.  She also had an unwavering trust in the wisdom and healing capacity of the body. I am someone who can tend toward relying more on the life of the mind and Carol often challenged me to lean into mystery. I am forever grateful to her for that. She was a steady voice for the influence of the healing power of nature and belief in the power of connection.  Carol embodied the energy of life even as cancer took her body. She loved her clients deeply and experienced her work as one of the most important parts of her own journey of healing. I miss her but feel comforted and surrounded by her healing energy and presence in this space that we have all created together. – Amy

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My friendship with Carol was a blessing and a privilege.  We met nearly a decade ago because of our shared love of our work – because of a desire to practice in a community and in a particular way, and to be present with people who have been hurt, many in horrific ways.  Carol’s belief in and commitment to the power of healing was rooted in a depth of experience, and a spirituality, lacking rules and rhetoric, that emanated from her core. To be in Carol’s presence was to be in connection with a person who truly wanted goodness for you and for this broken world.  What a special gift in this life.

May you be embraced in warmth and peace.  Good-bye, sweet friend. – Meghan

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I am forever grateful for the time shared with our colleague, Carol McRaith.  Carol was a warm, kind person with a generous spirit and who was always ready to lend a helping hand to others.  I was fortunate to work with her for more than six years. During those years, I was inspired by her faith in the capacity for human beings to heal and witnessed her special gifts in helping people through the healing process.  In her presence at CCIH I was blessed with a colleague who was always available to share a light moment amidst the struggles of a hard day, to laugh at a silly story, to share a snack. She was also ready and willing to listen and support me when more serious struggles arose, when I needed help holding the weight of a hard day.  I will miss the casual encounters in the halls, kitchen and various shared spaces at CCIH. I will miss her counsel as a peer and her important contributions to our community. In work she helped me in countless ways to become a better therapist. And in life she modeled courage and a fighting spirit that I will remember and admire for all my days.  Thank you, Carol, for being such an inspiring presence, a dear friend and cherished colleague. -Evan

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Thank you for sharing your warmth and light with us, for your commitment to hope and the possibilities of healing, for the kindness you embodied, for everything that flourished in your presence. Thank you for deepening and expanding my understanding of the many paths of healing and what this work can look like. I had hoped to learn more from and with you. I know too that we will continue carry your spirit forward in our work. – Jen

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Carol’s approach to healing was so rich and embodied that it encourages me to broaden my perspective and sink deeper into myself. I experienced Carol’s energetic openness and ability to recognize another with respect and acceptance. She had a great ability to fill a room with warmth and kindness. Carol, thank you for welcoming me to the community. I am grateful to have learned from you and about you. I will carry your energy and wisdom with me. Thank you for being part of my journey. -Alex


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