Food, The Body, and Trauma and Attachment

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The Body Isn’t the Problem; it’s the answer. – Rachel Lewis-Marlow

In our CCIH Study Group in August we decided to change up our usual routine and discuss a podcast. We choose Food, The Body, and Trauma and Attachment with Guests Paula Scatoloni & Rachel Lewis-Marlow from the Therapist Uncensored podcast series.

I have often felt confused by traditional eating disorder programs that focus on cognitive interventions and strict, rigid treatment protocols. From a trauma-informed perspective, an eating disorder is an attempt to manage—to resource a painfully dysregulated system. Any treatment that advocates a war with our bodies cannot be the path to healing. Lewis-Marlow refers to the current eating disorder treatment climate as a “body-phobic field.” This podcast is an important contribution to moving toward a more holistic, body-centered approach to eating disorder treatment.

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Amy Zajakowski Uhll, LCPC

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