FAQ: Which Training Option is Right for Me?

Our goal at CCIH is to provide flexible training options for therapists at all stages of their career. The chart below compares our programs to help you choose the right fit for your professional development needs.

Advanced Clinical Training ProgramFoundations in Trauma ProgramCCIH Trauma Fellowship
Time Commitment1-2 years, monthly meetings1 year, part-time1 year, full-time
Required Client
Hours at CCIH
NoneYes – 6-8 per week900 clinical hours per year
CompensationN/ANo$42,000 salary plus option for benefits
Tuition$1,200 per year
($900 for Online Version)
$2,000 + revenue collectedNone

The CCIH Trauma Fellowship and Foundations in Trauma Program also includes:

  • Office space and admin support
  • Weekly individual supervision
  • Weekly CCIH community meetings
  • Monthly study group
  • Attendance at any CCIH sponsored training event at no cost (space allowing)
  • Access to the CCIH Library of training videos
  • Opportunity to participate in Integrated Practices Group program