Becoming a Fat-Positive Psychotherapist

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Facilitator: Sarah Landolfi, LCSW

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Virtual workshop

6 CEUs  are offered for LCPCs, LCSWs, LMFTs, and Clinical Psychologists.

This workshop qualifies for the Cultural Competency continuing education requirements for Social Workers in the State of Illinois

If you work with clients who are fat – and let’s face it, we all do – it is imperative that you learn a fat politic that will guide you as you provide psychotherapy to this group of marginalized folx. Without interrogating anti-fatness and the role therapists play in upholding it, we risk causing incredible harm to our fat clients, and we are rendered ineffective in our work with them.

Grappling with our anti-fat biases and beliefs is a process. This journey, though often uncomfortable, promises that we will feel more grounded in our work with clients who live in larger bodies, secure in the knowledge that we are actively challenging our own anti-fatness every step of the way. By challenging our assumptions and engaging with scholarship, art, organizing and other liberation work by fat creators, we will begin to reimagine the world and more robustly support fat folks in living more embodied lives in it. 

Join us for this full-day, interactive, in-person workshop as Sarah Landolfi, LCSW guides us in making the first steps toward becoming fat-positive psychotherapists. Sarah looks forward to partnering and collaborating with you as you do this important work, and offers ongoing consultation to therapists after the workshop ends.  

In addition to providing a holding space in which therapists can begin to examine their own anti-fat beliefs and biases and how these can show up in the therapeutic relationship, this workshop will cover the following: 

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning: anti-fat vs. fat-positive approaches
  • Anti-fat trauma and its impact on fat folks’ minds, bodies, and nervous systems
  • Case examples
  • Ideas + verbiage to begin applying these principles in your work with clients right away
  • Size privilege dynamics in the therapy relationship
  • Unique challenges fat therapists face working with clients of all body sizes

Sarah Landolfi, LCSW

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Sarah Landolfi is a psychotherapist specializing in trauma informed, fat-positive therapy for LGBTQIA+ folks. As an educator and consultant, she partners with therapists and other healthcare providers to facilitate their process of understanding, interrogating, and ultimately unlearning anti-fatness within themselves, in their work with clients and patients, and within their communities. Though her work is informed by theory and research, she privileges fat people’s and Queer & Trans people’s lived experience, activism and scholarship, as the most valuable resources in understanding these different systems of oppression and their fallout. Additionally, her practice amplifies fat, Queer and Trans voices and ensures that we remain focused on the goals for this work as told to us by marginalized folks themselves.

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