Just as no survivor can recover alone, no therapist can work with trauma alone
— Judith Herman



The treatment of trauma can be both intense and rewarding work. An integrated approach to providing service is essential. In taking the journey of recovery with someone, we as therapists also encounter the effects of trauma on multiple levels. The work involves both sitting with the deepest of human wounds and trusting in the incredible human capacity for healing. The work of establishing a healing environment for our clients must be done in a supportive community. It is the goal of the Chicago Center for Integration and Healing to provide a clinical community and environment that supports the work of recovery from traumatic wounding.

We provide Individual Consultation, Group Consultation & Professional Development Events

Group Consultation

Trauma-Focused Consult Group

A case consultation group for therapists interested in exploring their work with clients who have a history of trauma. The group will focus both on specific clinical aspects of this work as well as on the therapist’s use of self and attention to self. We will consider and incorporate recent research on the neurobiology of trauma into our discussion of clinical practice. Group meets monthly for 90 minutes.

Second Tuesday
of each month

9-10:30 am
1.5 CEUs available.

For more information
contact Amy Zajakowski
at 773.754.7441 x20

Study Group

A monthly reading and discussion group which focuses on current research and theory in trauma and attachment and it's application to clinical practice. We will study and discuss many of the prominent thinkers in this field including Bessel van der Kolk, Pat Ogden and David Wallin. Our discussion will explore the readings themselves and clinical applications. Bring your lunch and participate in this stimulating conversation.

Fourth Thursday
of each month

1.5 CEUs available
$10 per session or free without CEUs

For more information
contact Amy Zajakowski
at 773.754.7441 x20