Welcome Our New Student Intern at CCIH – Holly Wollesen!

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Read a short interview below to learn a bit more about our new student intern at CCIH – Holly Wollesen!

What initially got you interested in therapy?

I was first interested in mental health when I volunteered in the psychiatric ward at The University of Wisconsin- Madison Hospital. Through my interactions and connections with the patients, I began to wonder about treatment and the most effective methods to help these individuals. From there, I realized my curiosity about others and wanting to help people could be combined in the therapy setting.


What first interested me in CCIH is the integration of the mind and body in their treatment of individuals who experience trauma. CCIH’s approach is unique in the mental health community due to their integration of the mind and body in their therapeutic approach. CCIH truly embodies the treatment of the whole person through their approaches and practices.

 What do you like to do when you are not in session?

When I am not in a session, I enjoy discovering new bakeries and restaurants around the city, eating as much delicious food as possible. Also, you can find me baking and cooking in the kitchen, concocting baked goods or making a meal. Otherwise, I enjoy attending concerts and going to workout classes at my gym.

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