Welcome Our New Staff member at CCIH!


Read a short interview below to learn a bit more about our newest CCIH Staff member, Leah Goldgar!

What initially got you interested in therapy?

I’ve wanted to be a therapist since late elementary school. I frequently found myself in the role of “helper” and was always drawn to people who seemed to be in pain. I liked listening to others, and as I got older, enjoyed the connection and depth of relationships that came when I was with someone in their suffering. I always felt aware of how complex life could be and therapy seemed like such a natural path to continue to foster my curiosity and passion about how to heal from deep wounds and  being to understand more about humanity.


I am particularly interested in CCIH because of the focus on trauma, as well as the opportunity to work in a group setting. As I have become more and more entrenched in the therapy world, relationships and attachment trauma has been one area that resonates deeply with me. I wanted to work in a place that understood that type of pain, thought about it the way I did, and was committed to helping people make their way through it. I have also found incredible value in being around others an learning from them, so working in a group that emphasizes and cares about what is important to me felt like such a gift.

What do you like to do when you are not in session?

When not in session I like to spend my time with friends and family, take my dog to the dog beach, make art and experiment with new crafts, and try out new coffee shops around the city.

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