The Untold Story, Get Out of Your Own Way and NARM with Bianka Hardin


Listen to a podcast with Bianka Hardin. Enjoy a rich conversation about:

– Bianka’s journey into developing more safety and enjoyment in her body and working with anxieties and fears
– Exploring trust and mistrust
– The profound experience of realizing she was holding someone else’s fear
– Bianka’s personal journey into exploring the truth of the untold ancestral story as half German and half from the South
– How to connect with your own desires as an empathic person
– Personal agency and how we can get in our own way
– What the body-centered and relational model of NARM (Neuro-Affective Relational Model) offers
– When you feel you’ve had a set back it could actually be the natural contraction that happens after expansion

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